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What maintenance should I perform on my garage door?

There are several maintenance tasks that you can do on your garage door. Lubrication is one of the easiest one, and can be done by anybody. You should lubricate the moving parts of your unit like springs, hinges, rollers, chain, belt, and drums.

What does R-Value mean in garage door insulation?

The R-value of a garage door determines how energy efficient it is. This is not only based on the thickness of the garage door, but its chemical properties as well, which affects its insulating properties. Higher R-value means better energy efficiency. For instance, the amount of the reduction of heat flow in an R-8 garage door is 90%, while it’s 97% in an R-32.

I have a Victorian-style home. What type of door will suit it best?

Our garage door experts recommend a carriage type door. It has an old-world design that will go well with your home’s Victorian theme. The carvings on the garage door give it more elegance and sophistication befitting a home such as yours. It is made of wood and different types of finishes can be selected.

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